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Alba White Truffles - The White Diamonds of Italy

Available from 16 October 2019 until 30 October 2019

16th to 30th October 2019



Nizza celebrates the truffle season with this tailored menu prepared by our culinary experts.

Our kitchens use high quality and certified Morra truffles, exported fresh from the northern region of

Italy in Alba.


The Morra Truffles was founded by Giacomo Morra in 1930 in Alba. It was the first marketing and

processing company of Alba white truffle, also known as “Tuber Magnatum Pico”.

Thanks to Giacomo  Morra the reputation of white truffle spread throughout the world

especially those from Alba and Langhe.


He founded one of the biggest fairs, Alba Truffle Fair, which is still being visited by people from all

around the world.


During the Fair, Morra had the idea to give the biggest truffle to famous celebrities each year which included Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Hitchcock and more.


This made truffles an object of desire and associated with luxury.  Today, the winter truffles of Alba are a sought after luxury commodity in the kitchen. Diners are treated to an intense sensory experience with its unique scent that envelops any dish served with it.



Ravioli con zucca, ricotta e spinaci,
con tartufo burro bianco D’alba
Ravioli with ricotta, pumpkin and spinach filling, with fresh white Alba truffle butter


Fettuccine carbonara fatta in casa con tartufo bianco D’alba
Homemade fettuccini carbonara with fresh white Alba truffle


Pasta tagliatelle fatta in casa con burro, salvia, parmigiano,
e tartufo bianco D’alba
Homemade tagliatelle with butter, sage, parmesan and fresh while Alba truffle


Carnaroli risotto al tartufo bianco D’alba
Carnarolli rice with fresh white Alba truffle


Carnaroli risotto con funghi porcini, parmigiano,
tartufo burro bianco D’alba
Carnarolli rice with porcini mushroom, parmesan fresh white Alba truffle


Carnaroli risotto con frutti de mari e tartufo bianco D’alba
Seafood risotto with fresh white Alba truffle


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